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KOKOBOLO exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM N690 60 HRC)
KOKOBOLO exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM N690 60 HRC)
KOKOBOLO exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM N690 60 HRC)
KOKOBOLO exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM N690 60 HRC)
KOKOBOLO exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM N690 60 HRC)
KOKOBOLO exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM N690 60 HRC)
KOKOBOLO exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM N690 60 HRC)
KOKOBOLO exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM N690 60 HRC)
KOKOBOLO exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM N690 60 HRC)

KOKOBOLO exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM N690 60 HRC)

Загальна довжина клинка mm: 200±05 mm
Матеріал леза Blade Powder steel Steel M390 is produced at enterprises in Austria by Bohler-Uddeholm AG
Твердість клинка (метал): Hardness - 61 HRC
Матеріал руків'я: Textured titanium, Walrus tusk, decorative foams
Довжина леза 95±05 mm
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The name of the knife: KOKOBOLO exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM N690 60 HRC)
Type of knife: Fixed blade
Brand: Studio of exclusive handmade knives SERGIY DROZDA

Craftsman Comment: Another order is leaving my workshop. The concept of knives - as everyday assistants at hand in the car, handbag, shoulder bag, backpack. WHITE WALRUS made to order as a gift for a woman.

Steel brand: Blade Powder steel M390 steel is produced in Austria by Bohler-Uddeholm AG
Steel sheet: One-piece cast, through-mounting on screed and resin
Blade Sharpening Angle: 36 Degree Pointed
Descents: Straight
Taper: 0.2mm (tapered fine for a nice cut)
Blade hardness: 61 HRC
Total length: 200 mm
Blade length: 95mm
Blade width: 25mm
Blade thickness: 3.0 mm
Handle length: 105mm
Handle thickness: 18mm
Blade Grinding: Blade Finish - Manual Longitudinal 1000th Satin
Bolster and back material: Made of textured titanium
Handle material: Textured titanium, Walrus tusk, decorative foams
Handle Color: White
Handle Impregnation: None
Handle finish: Grinding
Lanyard hole (for lanyard): None
Temlyak: Yes
Sheath: Genuine leather (Italy) vegetable tanned 4.0 mm, treated with appretura for protection against water and impregnated with protective solutions, fat wax impregnation, stitched with waxed thread. Manual embossing of the invoice. Finish with Apretura. Free suspension

Model: KOKOBOLO exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM N690 60 HRC)
Model number: 015
Country of birth: Ukraine
Craftsman: Master Serhiy Drozd, knife studio "SERGIYA DROZDA", Khmelnytskyi Ukraine . Studio of exclusive hand-made knives SERHIA DROZDA
Best use: Multifunctional: hunting, fishing, tourism, household - slicing, etc.
The condition of the knife: new.
The price is indicated with the scabbard.


A sharpened knife is not a cold weapon.

Our knives are very sharp, so be very careful when opening and handling them. We are not responsible for any injuries related to the use of our knives.
Our products are intended for legal use only by responsible buyers. We will not sell our products to anyone under the age of 18.

Availability changes regularly, after confirming your order we will notify you of availability or when the item is ready. The product may differ slightly from the one shown in the photo.


Steel grade N690

Steel N690 is produced at Böhler plants in Austria, Germany. This alloy is a martensitic steel with the addition of cobalt. Domestic brands do not have an analogue of this material — it has common features with steels of the 440 series, but in general Austrian cobalt stainless steel is unique.

As for the name "martensitic", it is named after the creator Mark Martens, who first described the process of forming an unusual metal structure. In such types of alloys, it is acicular in the form of the thinnest plates, located in two variants: parallel to each other or chaotically. It is characteristic of metals that have undergone the hardening procedure.

In the course of its implementation, a component called martensite is formed. Without delving into special terms, it can be called a solid supersaturated solution of carbon in -iron (low-temperature modification of iron).

The main production facilities of the famous and long-standing tradition of metallurgical production of the Swedish-Austrian concern Böhler – Uddeholm are located in Germany and Austria, but there are several enterprises on the American continent and four branches on the territory of Russia. In Russian, it is acceptable to pronounce the name of the concern as "Bochler" or "Bechler", and the steel brand is pronounced as H690.

N690 steel is used for the production of various high-strength industrial tools, such as drills and cutters. One of the areas of use is the manufacture of knives.

Advantages and disadvantages of metal

One of the most important characteristics of N690 steel is a high level of resistance to the appearance and spread of corrosion. Under normal conditions, a product made of this alloy is not subject to destructive processes. At the same time, the hardness of the metal increases significantly due to the quenching process.

N690 is used in the production of knives and is considered one of the best materials for their manufacture. The advantages and obvious advantages of N690 steel include:

  • high strength and resistance to physical exertion;
  • resistance to bending and breaking;
  • resistance to breaks and twisting of metal;
  • excellent cutting properties;
  • preservation of sharpening sharpness for a long time.

As for the disadvantages of Bohler N690 steel, most experts come to the conclusion that this alloy has practically no disadvantages, has an ideal composition and high technical characteristics and properties. But like any other high-quality alloy, it is expensive.

They allow you to use this alloy for the manufacture of various cutting tools, including tactical, as well as hunting and processing knives with fixed blades and handles made of natural wood.

Japanese VG-10 is similar in composition, that is, an analogue of this brand of steel. But it contains, compared to n690c, more molybdenum and chromium. AUS-10 (Japan), French Z100CD17, Swedish Sandvic 12C27, X102CrMo17 (Germany), as well as Russian steel 95X18 have similar compositions and properties. However, all of them are inferior in quality to Bohler N690 steel. 

A steel knife of this brand will become a reliable assistant for hunters, fishermen, tourists, and will also be a great gift for collectors and fans of quality knives.

Chemical composition

Let's consider in which ratio and which elements allow N690 steel to have such high technical characteristics:


  1. Carbon  1.08% - necessary to increase the strength of the metal, gives the alloy the necessary hardness.
  2. Chromium  17.30% - provides resistance to destruction at high temperatures, increases steel hardening. Due to the high amount of chromium H690 is stainless.
  3. Molybdenum  1.10% is necessary to minimize brittleness. This refractory element ensures the rigidity of the material and makes it resistant to elevated temperatures.
  4. Vanadium  0.10% is an alloying element for special grades of steel that increases elasticity. Complete with chrome provides resistance to destruction by corrosion and resistance to abrasive loads. Due to vanadium, a steel sword can maintain its integrity even in an aggressive environment.
  5. Cobalt  1.50% - for cobalt stainless steel, this is the main alloying element that improves mechanical properties and heat resistance, which is relevant for any processing tool.
  6. Manganese  0.40% - has a positive effect on hardness and strength properties.
  7. Silicon  0.40% - the additive provides increased wear resistance of n690, also increases the strength and stability, reliability of the metal.


Field of application

Reliable technological steel is an excellent material for tactical and long knives, kitchen knives - in any case, such products can work in extreme conditions under various loads.

Due to its resistance to aggressive environments and moisture, accessories for underwater hunting and diving are made from N690 - harpoons, knives, etc.

As for mechanical engineering, this alloy is used in this field for the production of cutting tools - cutters, drills, responsible assemblies and parts of bearings that work under loads.

Also, resistance to the action of water and aggressive chemicals makes it possible to use N690 in the manufacture of medical and food cutting tools, various shredders. This material fully ensures environmental cleanliness and the absence of impurities in the environments that come into contact with it.

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It is worth remembering that when using the knife for its intended purpose and with careful handling, the knife will serve you for a very, very long time




Botanical name: Dalberia retusa (lat. Dalbergia retusa), Moth subfamily (lat. Papilionoideae), family Beans (lat. Fabaceae), class Magnoliopsida (lat. Magnoliópsida).
Cocobolo is the trade name of two to four nearby deposits of Dalberia (lat. Dalbergia), of which Dalbergia retusa is the most famous. Retusa is translated from Latin as "return".
Area of ​​growth
The most common cocbolo is in Central America, namely in Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. In Panama, the best-known areas of dalberia are in the tropical rainforests of Darien and the foothill forests of Colon and the Panama City area.
Morphological description of the species
The tree is up to 20 m in height, the trunk is usually 30-80 cm in diameter. The bark is rough, becoming fissured with age.
Leaves alternate, pinnate. The stipules are deciduous, oval-elliptic up to 2 cm long, but persistent on juvenile wood. Petioles up to 6 cm long. The whole leaf reaches a length of 7-15 cm. The young leaf is usually lowered to the bottom. The leaf is oblong or oblong-ovate, 6-10 cm long and 2.5-3.5 cm wide.
White zygomorphic flowers are collected in panicles 10-18 cm long. Peduncles 3-4 mm long. The calyx is 5-7 mm long, and the petals are white, 1-1.4 (2) cm long. Stamens are fused into one tube.
The fruit is a gray bean, single-seeded (rarely two-seeded), oblong-flat, 6-8 cm long (up to 13 cm) and 2 cm wide. The seeds are disk-shaped, about 1 cm in diameter.
Features of cocobolo wood
The wood is quite hard and heavy, dense and stiff. Very durable and strong. Specific gravity - 1095 kg/m3, Janke hardness - 2960 pounds. With a fine texture and a nice natural shine, it has a spicy smell. 
The density and high content of natural oils ensure a high level of natural shine. It has a very beautiful core palette, ranging from yellow, orange, red to deep brown shades with black or purple veins. Sapwood is usually pale yellow in color. It is most often found in color from dark red to reddish brown, with an irregular grain pattern, and darkens with age.
Resistant to insect attacks. Natural oils provide wood with good resistance to degradation, to changing cycles from wet to dry. Difficult to glue. Polishes and grinds effortlessly.
Application of socobolo
Cocobolo has fantastic performance characteristics, making it a favorite for turning and carving. The cost of wood is quite high, it is used by carpenters and designers to create unique elite interiors. They receive veneer, floor covering, wall panels, musical instruments.
Interesting fact
The demand for cocobolo wood in the modern market is extremely high and there are areas where this species was once widespread and is now almost completely depleted. The most famous such area is Costa Rica. Therefore, this species was classified as "endangered" and included in the IUCN Red List in 2009. And already in March 2013 in Belize, a decision was made to include the cocobolo as an endangered species in Appendix II of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).
In Better Call Saul, a spin-off of the cult TV series Hardcover, the cocobolo table plays the role of a significant symbol that represents success in life, respectability and prosperity for the main character.

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