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WHITE WALRUS exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM M390 61 HRC)
WHITE WALRUS exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM M390 61 HRC)
WHITE WALRUS exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM M390 61 HRC)
WHITE WALRUS exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM M390 61 HRC)
WHITE WALRUS exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM M390 61 HRC)
WHITE WALRUS exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM M390 61 HRC)
WHITE WALRUS exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM M390 61 HRC)
WHITE WALRUS exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM M390 61 HRC)
WHITE WALRUS exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM M390 61 HRC)
WHITE WALRUS exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM M390 61 HRC)

WHITE WALRUS exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM M390 61 HRC)

Загальна довжина клинка mm: 200±05 mm
Матеріал леза Blade Powder steel Steel M390 is produced at enterprises in Austria by Bohler-Uddeholm AG
Твердість клинка (метал): Hardness - 61 HRC
Матеріал руків'я: Textured titanium, Walrus tusk, decorative foams
Довжина леза 95±05 mm
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14,000.00 грн.

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Knife - WHITE WALRUS exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM M390 61 HRC)
Type of knife: Fixed blade
Brand: Studio of exclusive handmade knives SERGIY DROZDA

Craftsman Comment: Another order is leaving my workshop. The concept of knives - as everyday assistants at hand in the car, handbag, shoulder bag, backpack. WHITE WALRUS made to order as a gift for a woman.

Steel brand: Blade Powder steel M390 steel is produced in Austria by Bohler-Uddeholm AG
Steel sheet: One-piece cast, through-mounting on screed and resin
Blade Sharpening Angle: 36 Degree Pointed
Descents: Straight
Taper: 0.2mm (tapered fine for a nice cut)
Blade hardness: 61 HRC
Total length: 200 mm
Blade length: 95mm
Blade width: 25mm
Blade thickness: 3.0 mm
Handle length: 105mm
Handle thickness: 18mm
Blade Grinding: Blade Finish - Manual Longitudinal 1000th Satin
Bolster and back material: Made of textured titanium
Handle material: Textured titanium, Walrus tusk, decorative foams
Handle Color: White
Handle Impregnation: None
Handle finish: Grinding
Lanyard hole (for lanyard): None
Temlyak: Yes
Sheath: Genuine leather (Italy) vegetable tanned 4.0 mm, treated with appretura for protection against water and impregnated with protective solutions, fat wax impregnation, stitched with waxed thread. Manual embossing of the invoice. Finish with Apretura. Free suspension


Model: WHITE WALRUS exclusive handmade knife by studio master SERHIA DROZDA, buy order in Ukraine (Steel - SRM M390 61 HRC)

Model number: 015
Country of birth: Ukraine
Craftsman: Master Serhiy Drozd, knife studio "SERGIYA DROZDA", Khmelnytskyi Ukraine . Studio of exclusive hand-made knives SERHIA DROZDA
Best use: Multifunctional: hunting, fishing, tourism, household - slicing, etc.
The condition of the knife: new.
The price is indicated with the scabbard.


A sharpened knife is not a cold weapon.

Our knives are very sharp, so be very careful when opening and handling them. We are not responsible for any injuries related to the use of our knives.
Our products are intended for legal use only by responsible buyers. We will not sell our products to anyone under the age of 18.

Availability changes regularly, after confirming your order we will notify you of availability or when the item is ready. The product may differ slightly from the one shown in the photo.


M390 steel: composition, interpretation and application

Damascus steel has long held a leading position in terms of strength, reliability and durability. Modern technologies have made it possible to obtain a new type of material with the best performance - M390 steel. It was first introduced in Austria by Bohler-Uddeholm AG in the early 1990s.

Thanks to its high technological characteristics, the material quickly gained recognition and began to be used for the manufacture of knives. Its main properties include:

  • Hardness (60-62 HRC), due to the unique structure of crystal lattices with a solid structure. Such a result was obtained on the basis of careful checking of the composition and ratio of components. M390 steel can be hardened, which significantly increases its strength.
  • Use of vanadium and tungsten. Knives are sharpened using desktop units, because The use of water stone will significantly complicate the process. After such processing, the knife remains sharp for a long time.
  • The possibility of mirror polishing due to the high hardness of the metal. The smooth polished surface of M390 steel is characterized by the same reflective ability as a mirror.

Decoding and chemical composition
Today, the composition is widely used for the manufacture of cutting objects, including knives. It refers to the materials of the powder method of production, during its processing, raw materials are crushed and baked in molds at a temperature of up to 1500 degrees. This allows the use of a significant part of alloying elements, which improves the characteristics of M390 steel.

Metal development was carried out on the basis of EU standards, according to which the chemical composition of M390 steel, in addition to iron, includes:

  • Carbon in the amount of 1.85±0.05%. It is necessarily present in a metal of high hardness, connecting Ferrum (Fe) molecules to increase mechanical qualities. On the other hand, its presence impairs the manufacturability of processing and increases brittleness. However, steel is considered the optimal material in relation to brittleness to strength.
  • Chromium is contained in steel in the amount of 20±1%. It is designed to improve mechanical performance and corrosion resistance as a result of heat treatment. With an increase in the concentration of this chemical element of M390 steel, an extension of the period of trouble-free operation under cyclic loading and abrasive impact is guaranteed.
  • Silicon and manganese are contained in the metal in amounts of 0.7±0.1% and 0.25±0.05%, respectively. They are deoxidizers that prevent chemical elements from the air from entering the alloy during manufacturing. Due to them, chemical treatment is reduced, the strength and quality of the surface is increased.
  • Molybdenum and vanadium are contained in the amount of 1% and 3-4%, respectively. They are characterized by a high melting point, which increases the material's resistance to elevated temperatures, stiffness and improves technical properties.
  • Tungsten steel in the amount of 0.6±0.1%. It increases its strength and has the maximum effect on this indicator compared to other components.

Features of the material


The advantages of the alloy include:

  • excellent plasticity with significant hardness;
  • corrosion resistance, inability to oxidize in air and at t = 800 degrees;
  • lack of reaction to the influence of many acidic and alkaline substances;
  • preliminary heat treatment, which includes quenching and high relaxation;
  • strength, which ensures destruction under a significant load, which is 1.4 times higher than the similar indicator of high-speed steels. The difference between yield strength and tensile strength is practically absent;
  • knives with M390 remain sharp for a long time.

Disadvantages can be considered only the cost of the material, the difficulty of sharpening and grinding.

Knife from M390

Technical characteristics
M390 steel is characterized by the following basic parameters:

  • melting point of 1300-1400 degrees;
  • with a hardness of 65 units. according to Rockwell;
  • strength limit of 900 MPa;
  • at the beginning of failure 850 MPa.

The metal is used for the manufacture of knife blades, surgical instruments, and industrial cutters. Knives are characterized by high hardness and the ability to withstand strong dynamic actions. They remain sharp for six months, subject to compliance with the rules of operation. The negative qualities include only the difficulty of sharpening, for which you will need special equipment - a machine. It is also important to have skills in this process.


Only the American product Duratech 20CV can be considered an analogue of M390 steel, which is due to the recent appearance of the metal on the market.

I also recommend looking at the following steel brands:



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Walrus tusk for handmade knife handle

How much is a walrus tusk today

What is the real price for a walrus tusk, the cost of which is often unclear to the average man in the street? How not to get into trouble by reacting to ads with the headings “buy a walrus tusk” or “buy a walrus tusk”, how to find out how much a walrus tusk really costs? To get reliable answers to these questions, it is worth studying the modern demand for such a rare item as walrus tusks, the price of which is significantly determined not only by size, but also by other factors. Considering these recommendations, you can count on the most advantageous offer that those who wish to buy a walrus tusk can give.

It is worth knowing that the walrus tusk, which you would like to sell, must have maximum integrity, then its value will meet your best expectations.
When selling, be guided by the current exchange rate, which significantly affects how much a walrus tusk will cost, its price is formed taking into account exchange rate fluctuations.
The competence of the experts who make the assessment is very important in this matter: not every advertisement “I will buy a walrus tusk” is actually supported by professionals, so you need to be careful and careful when choosing a buyer.


Walrus tusk products

Hunters for rarities seek to buy a walrus tusk not only in its original form, souvenirs and crafts, the material for which is a walrus tusk, are no less popular and in demand, their cost can also reach a decent amount, especially if these are antiques. The natural appeal of tusks, their particular color and structure, embodied in art objects, create a special atmosphere of luxury in any room. This makes tusk crafts a unique, status gift, relevant at all times, capable of becoming a value, even inherited. Most often there are crafts made by the inhabitants of the peoples of the North, reflecting their life and way of life:

  • walrus tusk handled knives are very expensive and popular among collectors and hunters

  • group and single animalistic images (bears, seals, deer);
  • sculptures depicting harness dogs;
  • images of people engaged in characteristic activities, such as a hunter;
  • deity images.

The walrus is a very large animal with thick, wrinkled skin. Males have large skin growths on the neck and shoulders. The larger these growths, the more attractive they seem to females. The thickness of the skin reaches 10 cm, and subcutaneous fat - 15 cm. Males are much larger than females - the weight of some individuals reaches 2 tons, but usually does not exceed 800 - 1500 kg. Females weigh on average 500 - 800 kg. The length of adult walruses is 2 - 3.5 m.

Young walruses have dark brown skin with yellowish hairs. Adult animals "bald" over time, and their skin acquires a lighter shade. Old individuals become almost pink towards the end of life.

A distinctive feature of these pinnipeds is their huge tusks. Their length can reach 1 m. They help the animal when moving on a slippery surface and for breaking through ice. The tusks are elongated upper fangs pointing down. In males, they are larger and are used for battles with other males during the mating season. Males with the largest tusks dominate the herd.

The muzzle is wide, with hard thick antennae-setae on the upper lip. The eyes are small. The ear holes are hidden under the skin and do not have an exit to the outside. The tail is small. The front flippers are well developed, allowing walruses to move more or less normally on land, unlike many other pinnipeds that can only crawl on land.

There are three populations of walruses with slight external differences - the Pacific, the Atlantic and the population of the Laptev Sea.

The Pacific walrus population is the largest both in terms of numbers and size of animals. It lives on the northern coast of Eastern Siberia, on Wrangel Island, in northern Alaska. In winter, herds of walruses move south - to the Bering Sea, to Kamchatka and to the southern coast of Alaska. According to modern estimates, the population is 200 thousand animals.

The Atlantic walrus is about a third smaller than its Pacific relatives. It lives in the north of Canada, Greenland and in the western region of the Russian Arctic. It was almost completely exterminated by man as a result of uncontrolled fishing. Estimated population size - 15 - 20 thousand individuals.

The Laptev walrus population is the smallest - about 5 thousand individuals. It is isolated from other populations in the Laptev Sea and the Kara Sea.

The state of the population and the relationship with humans
In the 18-19 centuries. commercial fishing for the Atlantic walrus has led to the almost complete extinction of this animal. Currently, hunting for it is prohibited everywhere, but some indigenous peoples of the north are allowed to hunt a small number of walruses, but necessarily for their own consumption, with a ban on the sale of meat, fat or bones of the animal. For European walrus meat dishes do not seem tasty, but cooked walrus tongue is considered a delicacy.


Chukchi, Yupik peoples (Russian Far East) and Inuit (North America) consume walrus meat all winter, flippers are canned and stored until spring, tusks and bones are used to make various tools, amulets and jewelry. Waterproof thick skin - for finishing houses and boats. Modern, cheap building materials are available in the far north, and walruses no longer play as important a role in survival as they did 100 years ago, but they still remain in demand for many indigenous peoples, and walrus skin carving and beading is an important art form.

Walrus populations are difficult to determine. The fertility of animals and their mortality are not fully understood. Complicates the calculation and difficult climatic conditions of the habitat of walruses. The Pacific walrus is currently classified as "endangered" by the Endangered Species Act. The Atlantic walrus and the Laptev population are listed in the Red Data Book of Russia and are assigned to the second (decreasing in numbers) and third (rare) groups of rarity, respectively.

The effects of global warming are another area of concern for zoologists. The volume and thickness of pack ice (at least 3 meters thick and older than 2 years) is constantly decreasing, which affects the birth rate of animals and the disappearance of habitual habitats.

According to various estimates, the number of all walrus populations is 200-250 thousand heads.

  • During the last ice age, walruses were distributed up to 37 degrees north latitude. This is evidenced by the found remains, dated at the age of 28 thousand years. near San Francisco in the USA. At the same latitude is the northern border of the African continent, Greece, Japan, Turkey.
  • Despite their large size, walruses are sometimes attacked by killer whales.
  • In a strong current, walruses cling to the edge of the ice with their tusks, holding under water. They also help animals climb high ice. This use of tusks has given walruses the generic name Odobenus rosmarus, which is Greek for "tooth walker".
  • The stomach of the walrus is so large that the peoples of the north made themselves waterproof capes from it.
  • In cold water, the blood vessels of the animal are greatly reduced, which makes the skin of the animal almost white.


High-quality and original steel linings are an excellent decoration for exclusive and unique knives of the Studio of exclusive handmade knives by SERGEY DROZDA  (Ukraine), which offers to order and buy online store https://knife.net.ua


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