Exclusive handmade knives No. 1 in Ukraine
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Premium collection knives handmade by the BERSERK workshop, order to buy in Ukraine

All knives of the BERSERK brand are produced in a single copy, there are no repetitions.
Unbelievable craftsmanship and sophistication: handcraft in the world of knives.
Each knife is a unique work of art. The knife is made in a single copy for true connoisseurs of Viking art.
Our products are real masterpieces, which are distinguished not only by high craftsmanship, but also by the fact that each copy is unique. They are created with love and attention to detail, expressing not only the craftsman's own creativity, but also a deep fascination with history and culture.
These unique products become part of your world, which you can now hold in your hands. They carry the energy of past eras and become an unrivaled link between modernity and ancient traditions.
Our knives impress not only with their functionality, but also with their exquisite design.

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