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How to buy a knife correctly, and what is better to know about owning one in Ukraine

How to buy a knife correctly, and what is better


First: no law of Ukraine prohibits the possession of a household knife.

The main thing is that this knife is not a cold weapon.

In other words: if a knife is not a cold weapon, in Ukraine it can be owned by anyone, even a baby in a cradle, even a pensioner.  

Cold weapons are another matter. It requires permission.

Which knife is a cold weapon and which is not?

In Ukraine, experts usually do not recognize a knife as a cold weapon if its blade is shorter than 9 cm, the thickness of the blade along the butt is less than 2.6 mm, or if it has a handle without stops.

What's the matter with those stops?

The word "rests" refers to the protrusions of the handle that fix the hand and prevent the palm from slipping on the blade. It is believed that when trying to hit someone, the hand will jump off the handle without a stop (for example, guards), and the attacker will cut himself.

A cold weapon is usually a knife, which stands out from the norm in all the listed parameters.

That is, if the knife has a blade longer than 9 mm and thicker than 2.6 mm at the same time, and the handle has pronounced stops, it is definitely a "cooler".

If according to one of the parameters the knife "does not reach", it may not be a cold weapon. Most likely, it will be "household".

It is immediately clear that a lot of words such as "most likely", "as a rule", "usually" are used here. That is, all this is not accurate. Options are possible.

Don't buy knives from trays and stalls in subway passages. Buy knives only in serious specialized stores ! Each knife that is sold in a serious store is accompanied by an expert opinion that it does not belong to the categories prohibited for free use.

Get this important piece of paper with your purchase and carry it with you at all times along with your knife. This is the document that will need to be shown to the police in case of claims.

And yet, for carrying a knife in the city, it is better to have one that will look as non-aggressive and non-provoking as possible.

What if I don't go around with a knife, but keep it at home?

An expert's opinion is still needed. If a knife is a cold weapon, then, regardless of age, you cannot: carry it with you, carry it in a car, keep it at home, transfer or sell it to other people without permission. Such knives cannot be repaired or even made.

Yes, according to the law, carrying a cold weapon without a permit and keeping it at home are different things and you will be punished differently. But they will still be punished.

Depending on the specific interpretation of the situation, it can be a monetary fine and confiscation of the knife, or it can be imprisonment for up to 3 years.

So it is better not to make such mistakes.

You must be sure that your knife is a household knife. It is important that you can prove it (again, an expert opinion).

Your knife and curfew

First, let us remind you that being outside during the curfew without a special pass is a violation in itself.

During the curfew, patrols have the legal right to stop citizens, check their documents, search their belongings and seize items that are instruments of crime.

That is, if you committed an offense with a knife, it will be confiscated. Otherwise, there should be no complaints about the presence of a household knife (not a cold weapon), because the carrying and possession of these items is not provided for by any laws or regulations.

On the one hand, your right to property is protected by the Constitution. Only the state has the right to withdraw something and only in the person of representatives of certain executive bodies.

But the curfew is an event regulated by a special Ordinance, and patrol officers are representatives of state bodies.

We must remind you that failure to comply with the legal requirements of patrol officers is subject to a fine or arrest for up to 15 days. Also, patrol officers have the legal right to use force or even weapons in case of resistance from the offender.

Keep this in mind and be smart.

Knife and self-defense

In no case, when meeting with the police, do not say that you need a knife for self-defense!

The law of Ukraine does not provide for such a phenomenon as "self-defense with a knife" on legal grounds. Such a statement in itself can be interpreted as a "plan" and a claim for violation of the law. With all the leaks.

to kAbout the main criteria for the definition of cold weapons

Legislation , Cold and projectile weapons | Author: Web admin

About the main criteria for the definition of cold weapons

About the main criteria for the definition of cold weapons

Unfortunately, there is no law on weapons in our country. There are only internal instructions and materials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Because of this, there are many myths among the people regarding the belonging of knives to cold weapons (H.Z.) or their domestic purpose. Let's try to dispel this gloom a little.)

To begin with, remember the AXIOMS ​​- the three main characteristics of cold weapons. They are simple:

1. A knife cannot be a K.Z. if the length of its blade is less than 90 mm (measured from the end of the handle to the tip);

2. A knife is not considered a K.Z. if its blade is thinner than 2.6 mm (at the thickest point);

3. A knife is not a K.Z., if it does not have a pronounced guard or stop, or subdigital notches on the handle (or their depth is less than 5 mm).

These axioms outline the three main characteristics of cold weapons. If the knife does not satisfy at least ONE of them - we emphasize it! - it will not be considered a cold weapon.

For a knife to be considered a cold weapon, it must meet these three characteristics.  If even one is missing - than there is no H.Z.  PS Of course, there are a few more signs of cold weapons in the Expert Methodology.  But these three are the main ones.  They should be remembered.

For a knife to be considered a cold weapon, it must meet these three characteristics. If even one is missing - than there is no H.Z. PS Of course, there are a few more signs of cold weapons in the Expert Methodology. But these three are the main ones. They should be remembered.

Knives with an angle of more than 70 degrees are also not considered cold weapons - that is, the angle between the lines of the butt and the blade on the tip of the knife is quite obtuse. Because they simply cannot be pierced.

Finally, a knife that has not passed dynamic tests or tests on its strength when hitting a dry pine board will not be counted as a weapon. But this already requires an examination. And who needs such knives if they fall apart or break from several powerful blows?

But knives, which are definitely considered cold weapons, are models that are in service with the armies and armed forces of various countries of the world. Including, of course, bayonets. We present some folk myths and the plain truth about knives and cold weapons from forensic experts in the illustrations for this publication.

"Butterfly knife is a terrible cold weapon, because bandits have it!" - actually no, it's just a household knife for us. Unlike the US, for example.

Unfortunately, cold weapons are also easily sold in our stores, and often without any markings as such. Because the buyer is responsible for purchasing the weapon.

Also, when in doubt, always ask the seller for a certificate for the knife. It should indicate the date and place of the examination, the model of the knife, the name of the expert and the conclusion based on its results.

And the most important thing. If there is no certificate, but you really like the knife and want to get it - then buy it! But - use it at home. Just don't go out with him - to places where the police might meet you. And how you can legally purchase a cold weapon is a topic for another publication.

If you feel the strength and zeal to delve deeper into the science of criminology, here is an active expert Methodology for determining belonging to a cold weapon.

Things like that. Spread it among your friends, otherwise you are already well fed up with these myths and fictions.

"A folding knife cannot be a cold weapon!" - even if he has three of her main signs and passes all the tests. Be careful, ask for a certificate!

"If a knife is sharpened on both sides of the blade, like a dagger - it is a weapon!" - not necessary at all. There should be three main signs of H.Z. Here, for example, there are no guards.

"Knife-miscarriage (machine gun) is definitely a weapon!" - not at all. Most often, such toys do not pass dynamic tests (they simply break). And signs of H.Z. often do not satisfy.

"The most terrible cold weapon is a finka!" - traditional Finnish knives, such as the one in the photo, most often refer to tourist and household knives. This one doesn't have a guard, so it's not H.Z.

"A hunting knife isn't a weapon, is it?" - just what in our region are called typical hunting knives, very often refers to cold weapons. Be careful, check the main signs of H.Z. with such a knife.

This is what Ukrainian looks like

This is how the Ukrainian "certificate" - the expert's conclusion - looks like. Often, only an examination can unequivocally recognize a knife as a household or cold weapon.


now about owning one in Ukraine


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