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CHIEF PAIR of knives handmade by studio master Pavlo Honcharenko, order to buy in Ukraine
CHIEF PAIR of knives handmade by studio master Pavlo Honcharenko, order to buy in Ukraine
CHIEF PAIR of knives handmade by studio master Pavlo Honcharenko, order to buy in Ukraine
CHIEF PAIR of knives handmade by studio master Pavlo Honcharenko, order to buy in Ukraine
CHIEF PAIR of knives handmade by studio master Pavlo Honcharenko, order to buy in Ukraine
CHIEF PAIR of knives handmade by studio master Pavlo Honcharenko, order to buy in Ukraine
CHIEF PAIR of knives handmade by studio master Pavlo Honcharenko, order to buy in Ukraine
CHIEF PAIR of knives handmade by studio master Pavlo Honcharenko, order to buy in Ukraine
CHIEF PAIR of knives handmade by studio master Pavlo Honcharenko, order to buy in Ukraine

CHIEF PAIR of knives handmade by studio master Pavlo Honcharenko, order to buy in Ukraine

Загальна довжина клинка mm: 260±05 мм
Матеріал леза Martensitic alloy steel Austrian stainless steel n690
Твердість клинка (метал): Hardness - 61 HRC
Матеріал руків'я: Buffalo Horn, Brass, Nickel Silver, Mammoth Tusk, Stabilized Hornbeam Mosaic Foam
Довжина леза 130±05 мм
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13,000.00 грн.
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The name of the knife is CHEF PARA, a studio of handmade knives by Pavlo Honcharenko, order to buy in Ukraine
Knife type: Fixed blade
Brand: Pavlo Honcharenko's Handmade Knives Studio

Blade material: Martensitic alloy steel Austrian stainless steel n690
Steel sheet: One-piece, for the entire length of the knife
Blade sharpening: Saber single sided knife ready to work.
Steel brand: Steel blade Austrian stainless steel n690
Blade hardness: 61 HRC
Overall length: 260 mm
Blade length: 130 mm
Blade width: 24mm
Blade thickness: 3 mm
Reduction: 0.2 mm
Blade Grinding: Hand Grinding - Grand Way 400 Grit - Cross Hand Satin
Bolster material: Cast brass
Length of the handle: 130 mm
Handle thickness: 25 mm
Handle: Buffalo Horn, Brass, Neuselber, Mammoth Tusk, Stabilized Hornbeam Mosaic Foam
Handle color: Black
Impregnation of the handle: Yes
Handle cover: Yes
Hole for a shoelace (for a lanyard): Absent
Temlyak - Absent
Scabbards: Calfskin (sheepskin) stitched with waxed thread. Non-silver locks on strap brass screw. Fastening on magnets.

Model: CHEF PAIR knife handmade by studio master Pavlo Honcharenko, order to buy in Ukraine
Model number: 039
Country of birth: Ukraine
Craftsman: Master Pavlo Honcharenko, Ivankiv, Ukraine ("Knives handmade by Pavlo Honcharenko")
Best use: Hunting, cutting, cutting
Knife condition: new
The price is indicated together with the scabbard.

A sharpened knife is not a cold weapon.

Cutting tools, saws, removable blades are made from this steel. Used in the production of medical instruments.
High anti-corrosion properties! The knives performed well in wet conditions.

Original design.

The handle is subjected to a special water-repellent treatment.

Availability changes regularly, upon confirmation of your order, we will inform you about the availability or when the product will be ready. The product may differ slightly from the one shown in the photo.


Features of steel N690

Martensitic alloy steel N690 is produced by Vohleg-Uddeholm Gmbh & Co., which has its facilities in Austria, Germany, South and North America. The second name of the alloy is Austrian cobalt stainless steel. Due to its high quality and operational characteristics and advantages, it is successfully implemented in many countries of the world for the manufacture of knives and other purposes.
Steel is produced by electroslag smelting technology. It has a uniformly distributed carbide structure of the crystal lattice in the absence of harmful impurities. As a result of heat treatment and forging, the impact toughness of the material increases without loss of hardness. The presence of alloying additives in the chemical composition of steel ensures resistance to corrosion.

Field of application
Steel is recognized as a good material for serial production of long-range and tactical knives, the technical characteristics of which allow operation in difficult and extreme conditions. Blades made of N690 steel are able to withstand not only longitudinal, but also strong lateral loads when acting on bends and twists.
Due to its resistance to corrosion and aggressive environments, steel is used in the manufacture of diving knives, harpoons for spearfishing and other sports equipment.
This steel is used in the manufacture of knives by such well-known European brands as Vokeg, Spyderco, Vepshmade and Echthema Ratio. The manufactured blades have excellent cutting properties, are strong, durable, sharpen well and hold an edge. The presence of alloying elements in the composition ensured high corrosion resistance while maintaining plasticity. If necessary, there is a possibility of thermal hardening up to 60 NKR.

The technical and physical characteristics of the alloy allow it to be used in mechanical engineering for the manufacture of tools, milling cutters, drills, bearing parts, and critical components operating under high mechanical loads. The steel is highly wear resistant and can be heat treated.
Resistance to the effects of moisture and chemicals allows the use of steel in the food and pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of cutting tools and grinders. At the same time, the ecological purity of the material and the complete absence of impurities are taken into account.

In terms of its composition, steel N690 is a close analogue of Russian steel 95X18, German X102SgMo17, Japanese / (3-10 and A115-10, French 2100СО17, American 440 С. In Sweden, an analogue of Sandvic 12С27 is produced).
Steel N690 contains:
■ 1.08% of carbon (C), which gives the material hardness and increases strength;
■ 17.3% chromium (Cg) to obtain anti-corrosion properties, increase wear resistance and change hardening conditions;
■ 1.1% molybdenum (Mo) to reduce brittleness, increase plasticity and resistance to high temperatures;
■ 0.1% vanadium (V) to increase metal elasticity and inertness to the action of aggressive environments;
■ 1.5% cobalt (Co) increases heat resistance and improves mechanical properties;
■ 0.4% manganese (Mp) increases hardness;
■ 0.4% silicon (5|) to improve alloy stability and increase wear resistance.
The presence of cobalt in the chemical composition of the metal makes the crystal structure of N690 more uniform and resistant to mechanical loads.

The use of Austrian steel N690 allows the production of high-quality stainless knives for various purposes. Due to its physical and technical properties, the material is well processed, capable of heat treatment, is not subject to corrosion and is sold at an affordable price.
5*ee1 N690 is one of the best alloys for making beautiful wear-resistant blades. Simple sharpening and long-term preservation of the sharpness of the edge make use simple and convenient. You will never regret buying or making a knife from this steel.

Types of supplies
The high quality of Wohler N690 steel is ensured by the use of a unique rolling technology developed by the manufacturer. Metal sheets are subjected to repeated hot processing with rolling in the longitudinal and transverse direction. After that, the material is cold cut into strips.
N690 steel is supplied to the rolled metal market in the form of steel strips with a thickness of 3-5 mm, a width of 20-50 mm and a length of 250 to 1000 mm, especially for the manufacture of knives. The cross-section of the strips is rectangular or with a prepared longitudinal bevel, which eliminates the need for blacksmithing when making the blade. The steel may or may not have previous heat treatment.
All of this is very convenient, as it does not require operations to cut large sheets, allows you to accurately determine the amount of required material and reduces the amount of waste.
Strips are sold individually. The price depends on the geometric dimensions of the product, thickness and types of preliminary factory processing. For the products of the metalworking industry, the supply of a sheet with a thickness of 2-8 mm of the size declared in the contract is carried out. If necessary, you can order any analogue of steels of type N690. Sheet metal is sold by weight.

Матеріал рукояті ножа - горіх
Головна-Блог-Матеріал рукояті ножа - горіх
Матеріал рукояті ножа – горіх – Компанія «АіР». Блог зброярів Золотоуста
Деревина горіха є найпопулярнішим та бюджетним матеріалом.
Основні переваги горіха: дуже легко піддається обробці; висока практичність, т.к. ножі з рукояттю з горіха служать довго та надійно; мала вага, перевірено досвідченим шляхом, рукоятка з горіха – досить легка, що має важливе значення у далекому поході, на полюванні; приємний зовнішній вигляд - текстура горіха досить різноманітна, має відтінки від темно-коричневого до світло-пісочного кольору.

Якщо регулярно обробляти дерев'яну ручку олією, то вона чудово збереже свої функціональні та декоративні властивості. Крім того, ніж з рукояттю з горіха не ковзатиме в руці, вбирає надлишки поту. При інтенсивному використанні ножа з рукояттю з горіха слід пам'ятати, що це деревина не переносить сильних ударів, тобто. не треба рукояткою бити по твердій поверхні, забивати цвяхи, кидати з великої висоти або виконувати подібні дії. У дерев'яної рукояті ножа теплопровідність нижча, ніж, наприклад, у шкіри або берести, тому при сильних морозах температури руки може бути недостатньо, щоб прогріти дерев'яну рукоятку. У компанії «АіР» можна замовити будь-яку модель з рукояттю з горіха.

Поради щодо догляду за рукояттю з горіха: у процесі використання рукоять може поміняти колір на блідий або біля дерева почне підніматися ворс. Це явні ознаки того, що рукоятку слід просочити. Для цього вам слід взяти масло (тикове, лляне, тунгове і т.п.), нагріти до 60 ° C і налити в ємність так, щоб рукоятка повністю ховалася при зануренні. Залиште насичуватися на кілька годин, а потім очистіть надлишки. Після сушіння просоченої рукояті її треба відполірувати.


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