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Which knife is a cold weapon and which is not? In Ukraine, experts usually do not recognize a knife as a cold weapon if its blade is shorter than 9 cm, the thickness of the blade along the butt is less than 2.6 mm, or if it has a handle without stops. What's the matter with those stops? The word "rests" refers to the protrusions of the handle that fix the hand and prevent the palm from slipping on the blade. It is believed that when trying to hit someone, the hand will jump off the handle without a stop (for example, guards), and the attacker will cut himself. A cold weapon is usually a knife, which stands out from the norm in all the listed parameters. That is, if the knife has a blade longer than 9 mm and thicker than 2.6 mm at the same time, and the handle has pronounced stops, it is definitely a "cooler".