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 The online store  Knife.net.ua offers handmade knives, exclusive custom-made knives for men with exquisite taste, hunters, fishermen, tourists, made by the best Ukrainian craftsmen at a bargain price to order or to choose from in our store. A quality tool for individual use in all conditions. Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine and the world within a few days.

Order on the PORTAL "KNIFE.NET.UA" or by phone  +380674072030  +380961711010 , write Email: Tihiy40@ukr.net - watch the video on  YOUTUBE CHANNEL "KNIFE.NET.UA"  - this is the best selection of knives in Ukraine from handmade masters ..

OUR MISSION:  We are passionate about high quality knives and strive for quality in design, attention to detail, quality of steel, direction of application and craftsmanship.

More than a hundred knives, the best craftsmen in the production of individual exclusive knives and guaranteed satisfaction.
Masters of exclusive handmade knives on  the PORTAL "KNIFE.NET.UA" or on the  YOUTUBE CHANNEL "KNIFE.NET.UA"  have been selling high-quality knives and accessories since 2000. Whether you're looking for a pocket knife for a birthday present or a pocket knife to tackle the terrain, we've got it all. Our selection of knives includes over hundreds of products from masters of their craft.

Why spend money on cheap disposable knives? Invest in a quality knife and it will pay dividends in the future. 


We don't just sell knives, we eat, sleep and breathe them. Our advanced customer service can be contacted at +38 096 171 10 10 or by email to answer your questions at any time.

The studios  of masters  of exclusive handmade knives "KNIFE.NET.UA" make hunting and cooking knives for people who are fond of hunting, fishing or cooking and value exclusive and durable handmade products.
Each handmade knife of craftsmen cooperating with the "KNIFE.NET.UA" portal is made with precision and care in Ukraine. Handcrafted knives are made using premium materials combined with modern innovations and individual secrets of craftsmen. 

MASTERS Table knives are a great addition to any kitchen, regardless of whether you are a professional chef or an avid home cook. Knives are more than just tools for everyday use, they are an individual tool that we use for cooking to feed ourselves, prepare unforgettable dishes that we share with family, friends, and relatives. Chefs demonstrate their skills, creative abilities and talent in restaurants, cafes, canteens.

We believe, know and are confident that your knife should bring you pleasure in the kitchen for a lifetime.

We are always happy to help you find the perfect hunting and kitchen knives for your needs, preferences and style, or to discuss knife care and maintenance. We also provide free sharpening of knives by  "KNIFE.NET.UA" masters .

All of our knives come with a 60-day money-back guarantee, ensuring you'll always be satisfied with your purchase.

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We don't just sell knives, we eat, sleep and breathe them!Ми не просто продаємо ножі, ми їмо, спимо і дихаємо ними!